health coaching


Have you tried several things to improve your feelings of wellness and are you beginning to wonder if you will always just feel this way?

Is your threshold level of functioning well below what you wish for in your life?

Are you ready to do what it takes to break free from the cycle of dis-ease and dis-function in your body?

Are you wondering if certain foods are affecting your body in a negative way?

Tired of chronic symptoms that you cannot seem to remedy?

Let’s partner together!  In my health coaching program, we work together to create a personalized plan for your wellness.  Utilizing the IQS technology you will experience personal health analysis providing you with a unique opportunity to consider things that may be contributing to the imbalance that you feel in your body.  The IQS system uses an electro-dermal screening method (also known as biofeedback) that provides a way for you to look at your body from another angle and gain helpful insights for optimal balance.  Herbs, homeopathy, flower essences and essential oils are integrated into a personalized wellness plan for your emotional and physical well-being.  Detoxification plans and diet recommendations are also tools utilized in my health program.  In all of my coaching, an emphasis is placed on releasing stuck emotions for true balance in your body.  

I experienced numerous chronic health issues which led me to to step up and actively participate in my own health.   This sent me on a learning journey that has given me a wealth of knowledge that I am eager to share.  My passion to partner with you to improve your quality of life comes from the deep satisfaction I have gained in experiencing this myself!  My love of teaching and caring for people allows me to bring something special to the partnership we create.  I treasure the exchange of learning and teaching I share with my clients and am passionate to empower each one to achieve emotional and physical well being!