Group Coaching


This program is for you if…

  • You are really ready to get out of survival mode and start living.

  • You are done with complaining and blaming and you want to feel empowered to make changes in your life

  • You are tired of your emotions running out of control and being stuffed inside.

  • You feel a little uncomfortable with making decisions and taking a stand to direct your life, but you are ready to learn how to feel confident in your decisions and live the life you are made for!


How would it feel to enjoy a growing sense of confidence and self-acceptance? What if you began to trust yourself to make decisions that would unleash you to love yourself and love your life more fully?

In this program, you will discover a true sense of who you are and a feeling of being happy in your skin (or at least heading in that direction!) You will be empowered to release the shackles that are holding you down.  You will leave equipped with practical energy techniques to easily use in everyday life to help you shift from where you are to where you want to be.  You will emerge with a greater potential for health and healthy relationships. You will get out of autopilot and into the driver’s seat of your life! 

Own Your Life Group Mentorship Program is a Community where safety, acceptance, support and love are available to you as you take meaningful steps toward making changes in your life.

I truly know how it feels to long for something more.  My own journey to health and healing, respect and self-love is what brought me to the development of the practices within this group program as well as the format of a supportive, collective whole. I have lived first hand through events that side-swiped me from the life I thought I would live.  I pushed through in survival mode for many years and felt the pain and dissatisfaction of not truly being alive. At the same time, survival was necessary as I was surrendering to the healing that had to happen in my heart and in my physical body.   I feel proud that I survived.  And I worked really hard to be ok… and then, I unhooked the hinges of routine and broke down the walls of the things that were keeping me “safe”, comfortable and functional!  I learned to truly love myself and to operate from a strong place of respect and value.  I did the hard work of learning how to feel confident and brave in my decisions.  I did this over and over; again and again… until eventually, it became my nature.  I told my story and allowed the pain of it to separate from me.  I found a way to honor my story and the strength of my survival while not being defined by it.  And then… I invested in the support I needed to find my wings and FLY.  Stepping into ownership and feeling the joy of bringing my true heart and soul to the world has given me a clear mission to help other women do the same thing!