Private coaching


Some of my clients love what they see in the group program but want the opportunity to journey though the program in a more private and deeply personal setting.  If this sounds like you, private mentorship is an option we can explore together. 

Uncover the stories and events that are holding you in patterns that you DON’T WANT in your life and keeping you from the success, health and happiness that you DO want. 

When I work with clients as part of a private mentorship, the work can be centered on a specific topic.  

Examples include:

  • Career goals – such as having success or allowing financial abundance 

  • Relieving fears and phobias – such as driving on the interstate

  • Openness to love and relationships

  • Having success in both love and career 

  • Healing physical, chronic symptoms

 These are just examples, when working in private mentorship, we can focus on whatever you have struggled to and desire to create in your life.